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2 years ago

this is what i do when i see people..


this is what i do when i see people..

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2 years ago


Ke$ha’s real voice

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2 years ago

I’ve never seen a color as bright as the one in your eyes
No matter how hard I try, I can’t find words to describe
So due to lack of words, I’m left with admiration
If you were my boy, we’d be year round like a carnation ;)

2 years ago

His words are the sweetest music
His voice is my light
His brilliant smile is the wall that I lean on
And his eyes are always so bright
He’s had his falls
He’s shed his tears
But he’s gotten back up
He’s conquered his fears
Now he’s teaching me and I’m starting to see
I don’t want to be without
Such a mesmerizing person
Who helps me not to doubt
I guess what I’m trying to say is
I hope he sticks around
Because he is my anchor
Who keeps me on the ground

2 years ago

Her life is chaos
She’s finished deciding
It’s not worth trying

Her heart is shattered
She doesn’t even realize
The tears falling from her eyes

Days go by
and her sadness remains
She barely speaks, slowly going insane

Her wrists sting
As the tears flow
She wants to let go

But I see a day
When her tears stop flowing
Because she has found the All Knowing

Her heart is healed
Because she knows
She is loved and never alone

This is my hope
for my hopeless friend
That one day, she might be whole again

2 years ago
For Nadia 😊

For Nadia 😊

2 years ago

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